Supply List & Organization Tips

Supply List

Click here for PICTURES and LINKS to all of the items listed below on Amazon.

You will be using the same basic set of supplies for each painting every month. You can easily find these supplies on Amazon, Blick Art, or at your local arts and crafts stores. Below is a list of these supplies:

  • Canson Watercolor Paper pad (size 9x12)
  • Winsor & Newman Cotman Sketcher's Pocket Box Set
  • Round Brush Set (we will mainly use size 2 and size 6)
  • Waterproof Black Pen to use for outlining (if desired)
  • Pencil
  • Paper Towel
  • Water
  • Graphite Paper (optional if you plan to trace not using your windows or a light box)

Kid-Friendly Options

Most younger children naturally aren't as careful with paint (which can be a bit stressful!) so washable, less expensive, and mess-free options are what we had in mind with these supplies:

  • Watercolor Brush Pens
  • Washable Watercolor Paint set
  • Card stock paper for printing outline (size 8.5 x 11)
  • Crayons (to use with the coloring pages for kids who don't want to paint or to avoid the paint mess for the day)
  • Tray (or cookie sheet) to keep art in one place

Check out this page for PICTURES and LINKS to all of the items listed above on Amazon.

You can also download a copy of the supply list below.

Organization Tips

Tips for keeping your supplies organized and ready to use.

  • Keep everything in one place. Use a basket or a bin to hold all of your papers, paints, brushes, pens, water cups, paper towels, etc.
  • If each person has their own paints and brushes, consider keeping each persons supplies in a Ziploc gallon bag. It will make it easy to gather and put away supplies, plus it's easy for grab-and-go if you decide to venture outside.