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Everything you need to make ART and NATURE STUDY a fun and DOABLE part of your family's life!

You know how important it is to get your children out in nature and you know the benefits of learning through art but the thought of actually doing it feels overwhelming.

You’re tired of spending hours trying to piece together your own nature study curriculum and you feel like you need to be an artist or some kind of expert to start.

You wish someone would just tell you exactly what you need, how to make it happen without a huge mess, and guide your family through each step. 

What if you were able to sit down with your children TODAY and create beautiful works of art while effortlessly learning about nature?

Imagine that instead of spending hours researching curriculum, you could dive right into a resource that keeps ALL of your kids active, happy, and engaged. No matter the age.

Imagine feeling calm and open to connecting with your children as you sit together in nature and create art… without worrying about a huge mess or searching for the perfect project.

But so many things get in the way!


Gathering and organizing supplies feels like a COMPLICATED task. Not to mention that it feels like a huge mess to clean up afterwards.


The days are busy and long and you feel EXHAUSTED. You want to include art and nature study into your life but there never seems to be enough time.


Trying to find age-appropriate projects plus planning a lesson feels OVERWHELMING! There are too many options, you just don’t know where to start.

That’s why I created Nature’s Art Club!

You can learn and grow in both ART and NATURE STUDY and I can help!

As a mom of four littles, I know how overwhelming life can be and how many things beg for our attention. But, I’ve also seen the real difference studying nature and art has had on each of my children’s (not to mention, my own) happiness.

I want to make it EASY for you to experience this for yourself. I want to give you EVERYTHING you need to make art and nature time a success in your home. It is truly my heart and my passion!

You have questions…

  • What is included in the Nature’s Art Club?
  • What skills and supplies will my family need before starting?
  • Painting, Drawing, and Nature Study feels like a lot. Can any age really do this?

I know there can be a lot of questions, especially if you are completely new to this. My team and I have tried to think of everything to make your time together in nature a success! Here’s what we have for you…

What’s Included


Multiple tutorials available for each season featuring subjects from nature. Each tutorial includes a step-by-step video tutorial, a watercolor outline to use for tracing (great for fine motor skills), plus a coloring page to print for non-painters.


Drawing tutorials of subjects in nature that are easy to follow for children and adults. Each lesson is broken down into simple terms in a follow along video tutorial format. We recommend these drawing lessons for ages 8+ but anyone can try!


Colored pencil tutorials of subjects in nature that are easy to follow. Each lesson includes a reference photo and follow along video tutorial. We recommend these colored pencil lessons for ages 10+ but anyone can try!


Video tutorials designed to introduce you to the basic principles and practices of birding – the observation of birds in their natural habitats as a hobby. Each video highlights beautiful spots in nature, and gives instruction on how to watch and listen for birds at home.


A printable nature journal is provided along with video lessons on how to get started! You’ll also get our popular e-book A Gentle Guide to Nature Journaling. You’ll learn how to get even the most hesitant participant excited about Nature.


Over 50 EASY nature activities and crafts to help you and your kids make meaningful memories together in nature. Simple no-supplies-needed games, activities like How to Make Animal Track Molds… guaranteed fun for all ages!


Each watercolor painting subject comes with a full page of fun facts. We’ve also curated a collection of brief, educational videos to view and enjoy. Simply click and start learning together!.


14 heart-warming, original poems that go with a seasonal theme and subjects in nature. Perfect to read and even memorize with your kids and pair with their paintings.


We’ve kept supplies to a minimum to make creating art easy and affordable for you! You’ll generally use the same set of supplies for each project – plus we give you no-mess alternatives to avoid the stress of clean-up with little artists.


You’ll also get an invitation to our private Nature’s Art Club Facebook group (not required) where you’ll find support, meet other members from all over the world, participate in challenges & giveaways, and share your art and nature discoveries!

Here’s what others are saying….

We have LOVED Nature’s Art Club this year. Hannah is a fantastic teacher, the paintings are beautiful and doable (even for a complete beginner), and the great activities that go with each month are so fun that we keep learning more. Being part of Nature’s Art Club has brought our family so much joy. Thank you!


Homeschooling mom of three (ages 12, 6, and 3)

It’s been so fun to learn about butterflies, snails, beetles, and other animals in Nature’s Art Club. I especially like how Hannah guides us to observe and ask “I wonder” questions.


13 years old

I have loved spending time in nature with my kiddos, observing, drawing, painting, and collecting little treasures under the guidance of Hannah in Nature’s Art Club. This program is wonderful and has given us the perfect excuse to get out and really observe nature together. We love the ideas, information, prompts, poems, etc. that we have access to. Hannah is so talented and this program shows it!


Mom of three (ages 12, 11, and 8)

Your life BEFORE enrolling in Nature’s Art Club:

  • You’re overwhelmed by doing art with your kids and aren’t sure where to start. 

  • You don’t know what supplies you should buy and if they are appropriate for your family.

  • You dread the clean up after art time and don’t want to deal with the mess.

  • You’re tired of coming up with ideas to get your kids away from screens and out in nature, exploring.

  • It feels impossible to find an activity that everyone in the family can do and enjoy.

  • You are longing for a creative outlet to bring YOU joy.

Your life AFTER enrolling in Nature’s Art Club:

  • You feel confident using the tools and guidance in Nature’s Art and your kids are painting and drawing better than you ever imagined!

  • Your kids are engaged and interested in nature in a whole new way. You’ve already made happy memories thanks to the guidance and easy activities in Nature’s Art.

  • You’re now the “fun mom” equipped with easy to do art projects and activities (and shhh, your kids are learning so much too!)

  • You love the recommended supplies because they work for the entire family and you’ve learned how to keep them organized to avoid a mess.

  • You feel excited and surprised because YOU are learning new art skills too and getting some much needed self-care.

Tell me more about what’s in Nature’s Art Club…

Course Curriculum

  Welcome to Nature's Art Club
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Watercolor Paintings & Educational Packets (all ages)
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Drawing Tutorials
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Colored Pencil Drawing Tutorials with Anna Stunkel
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Parents Guide to Nature Journaling
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Nature Activities & Crafts
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Birding 101 with Anna Stunkel
Available in days
days after you enroll
Available in days
days after you enroll

What if you made art and nature a part of your life again?

The skills you’ll learn in Nature’s Art Club will start you on the path. Don’t wait to get started!

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Meet Your Instructor

Hannah Stevenson is an artist, teacher and mom to four. Her passion is to help creative moms make time for their art. She writes about about creativity, nature, intentional education, and mindful family life at She also makes paper dolls!


Anna is a wildlife biologist, artist, naturalist, and environmental educator. She has worked in a variety of settings including state parks, nature centers, remote seabird islands, mountaintops, and the Costa Rican rainforest and now she gets to share her incredible knowledge here with us in Nature’s Art Club! She will be sharing more about her expertise with colored pencil drawings, nature journaling, nature activities, and more!

B. Bugs Anderson

B. Bugs Anderson is a recovering lawyer who has loved writing poems and short stories for many years. “Bugs” is a nickname that came from a time in the 1950s when everyone had one, e.g. Wally, Dobie, Jughead, Fonzie and Opie. Since making up his first poem in the third grade, B. Bugs has loved the beauty, absurdity, humor, wonder and profundity that can be expressed in a few, well-chosen words. Now, as part of the Lily & Thistle team, he gets to indulge in something he has dreamed of doing for decades.

Watercolor Painting Tutorials

We include 24+ watercolor painting tutorials that cover multiple subjects in nature and seasons of the year. Each tutorial includes a step-by-step video lesson, additional educational lessons, fun facts and observation worksheets, coloring pages for younger artists, and a related poem. Our Watercolor Painting Tutorials are for all ages!

Drawing & Colored Pencil Tutorials

We have 10+ drawing video tutorials featuring subjects in nature that are easy for children to follow along. Then, graduate up to the next set of colored pencil video tutorials to take your nature study art to the next level. We recommend our drawing tutorials for ages 8+ but anyone can try!

Nature Journaling & Nature Activities

We have over 60 nature activities and crafts for all ages. Included are both downloadable PDF craft tutorials as well as nature journaling and activity video tutorials to get your kids out in nature and exploring the world around them. For those bird lovers, we also have a section just for learning more about Birds. These nature activities are for all ages!

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How do I access the Nature's Art Club?

You will have access to everything in the Nature’s Art Club directly in Teachable (right here.) Teachable is an easy-to-use online learning portal that keeps track of your progress so you can easily start and stop at any time. You can access this course at the Lily & Thistle Teachable Creative Studio (

What kind of art supplies will I need to get?

We’ve spent months researching the best supplies at the best price point. When you subscribe, you will have access to the list complete with links for your convenience. To do the watercolor projects, you will only need to buy a small watercolor paint set, two brushes, watercolor paper and an optional pen. Every project will use the same supplies every time so you won’t have to keep buying more! You can checkout the supplies list here.

Can I use this with my whole family?

Yes! Each membership to the Nature’s Art Club is intended for one subscription per family. Simply login to the Nature’s Art Club on Teachable and begin to walk through the watercolor painting lesson with your kids, print out the additional materials, or learn more from the educational content provided.

What age group is this for?

The Nature’s Art Club can be adapted for all ages and stages! When creating this product we tried to imagine a mother sitting with her children around the kitchen table. The mother we imagined has an 12 year old and an 8 year old who really want to learn to paint and draw but also a 5 year old who is happy to color with crayons. She can decide to join in or to just let each child do their own thing. All of the items provided in the subscription can satisfy the needs of children at different stages of life – even teenagers (watercolor tutorials, drawing classes, templates to trace, coloring pages, etc.). She can also ask a child to share some of the included fun facts and they can watch the video links provided or they can all read the nature poem together. When they feel like going outside, there are also many nature journaling activities that everyone in the family can do together.

What is the time commitment required each week?

There are no required time commitments in the Nature’s Art Club. You can use it weekly, every other week, monthly, or however often you want. I would suggest giving yourself about 30 minutes to an hour to paint, draw, or color. The activities can be done in as little as 15 minutes. Use what works for you and make it last as long as you’d like.

Do I need art, painting, or drawing experience to enroll?

NO – and that’s the beauty of all of my courses! I make sure that everyone can be successful, no matter their art background. I provide templates for almost all of the painting projects and guide you through each step in the both the painting and drawing courses. If you already have some art experience these resources are also for you! You’ll further your education and provide an exploration of more drawing and watercolor techniques!

What kind of support will I get?

You will automatically get access to the Nature’s Art Club private Facebook group. Here you can ask questions, post discoveries and share with the community. You can also always reach out to us via email if you have any pressing questions or concerns.

Does this course contain religious references?

For those families who use our course for home education, we want to be transparent about the religious connotations within our materials. In Nature’s Art Club we do include two separate poems related to our December watercolor subjects in nature (Holly & Partridge) – one poem is religious and the other is secular. Additionally there is a bonus watercolor Advent Calendar that include religious scriptures as an option to be added to the back of each day. We are firm believers in each family deciding what works best for them and not pushing any religious beliefs on others. Since our curriculum is pick-and-choose, you can elect not to use any material mentioned above and strive to provide other options for those who choose a secular style of home education. If you have any questions regarding the content in this curriculum, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

What is the refund policy?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you not satisfied with the Nature’s Art Club, please contact us within the first 14 days and we will provide you with a full refund.

Can I use this with a class of students or with a co-op?

Yes – this is the perfect resource for a class or co-op! There are pricing plans available for small, medium, and large groups. Small groups are one login access for use up to 5 families. Medium groups are one login access for use up to 15 families. Large groups are one login access for use up to 30 families. Your purchase is a one-time payment for 12-months of curriculum. Each year you would purchase a new curriculum package as this is a not an auto renewal. Please reach out to [email protected] and we can help you get access and get started. This curriculum would be perfect for homeschooling co-ops and other homeschooling groups.